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Chief Instructor Raso Hultgren practicing AikidoAt Aikido of Missoula a balanced approach is sought in which martial awareness and technical effectiveness serve as the foundation for a vigorous, sensitive exploration of the profound principles of Aiki.

Aikido training opens fresh sources within us of energy and intelligence as well as revealing the obstacles we have accumulated to a sane and centered life. Alignment with the natural flow of Aikido movement brings awareness to the fear and aggression we unconsciously carry, often reflected in distorted posture and unbalanced, inflexible movement. Through openhearted vital training, we approach an enhanced capacity to protect and enjoy ourselves and our surroundings.

A full schedule of classes is available six days a week, including beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. Weapons training (sword, staff and knife) is integrated with empty hand training at all levels beyond beginning classes. Meditation and Aikido classes explore consciousness in movement and stillness. Young People's classes are offered twice weekly for ages 7-14. We generally host two seminars yearly taught by guest instructors.

Aikido of Missoula is affiliated with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, a nonprofit educational organization headed by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan, which is dedicated to the practice and philosophy of Aikido as developed and taught by founder Morihei Ueshiba. ASU is affiliated with World Aikido Headquarters. All affiliations are welcome to train with us.

Aikido training at Aikido of Missoula